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Do You Have The Financial Expertise To Manage Your Company?

You don’t have to be the expert in every aspect of your business.  Many successful business owners came from the trade or business they used to work for and decided they could go into business for themselves rather than make someone else rich.

You obviously know how your industry works and how to make money, but the financial management aspect of the business is giving you problems.  You don’t understand your Quick Books accounting system.  You know you have to manage your cash flow, but don’t know how.

Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with you, nor are you alone in your frustration.

 That’s why you need to outsource your financial management  and that is what CFO Omaha, Inc., will bring to you.    We come along side of you and provide the service you need so you always have up-to-date information so you can make good financial decisions.  Our function is to relieve you of those time consuming details so you can manage your business and be successful.

 Call me (402) 502-2255 or email me ( and lets talk about getting your free of the details so you can manage your business.


If you need a business plan for a start-up business or an on-going business, I can customize a plan for your need. I will provide a projection month by month for the first 12 months, itemized by each income stream and broken down by every category of expense for your company, including debt service. The remaining 2 years will be broken down in the same categories, but will be presented by annual totals for each year. This will allow you to evaluate your initial capitalization needs and working capital needed until sufficient cash flow will provide your day-to-day needs.